The Strength and Beauty of Shadowboxes

Shadowboxes can be much more than a family heirloom. These decorative display cashadowboxesses for military awards also make for a special award that commemorates service and dignity in the line of action.

For more than a decade, Olival’s Custom Woodworking has been the creator of shadowbox awards for the annual Military Times Servicemen of the Year recognition ceremony. One award recipient is selected by the publication each year from the different branches of the armed forces, including the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Air Force.

These pieces are designed to be elegant, giving off a sophisticated air that perfectly mirrors the atmosphere of the event. Pictures on my website clearly show off these artworks and the rich, dark wood from which they’re constructed. A sturdy base on each award allows for years of easy shelf display. The website will also be updated soon with pictures from the 2013 Military Times ceremony, which recently occurred.

These shadowboxes are an important mark of distinguished service provided by a member of the military. My Facebook Page for Olival Custom Woodworking is often updated with pictures of recent shadowboxes I’ve created for clients. The Pentagon design is particularly popular right now, featuring a servicemen’s medals and insignia above a tri-fold American flag. Browse through the page to see plenty of my recently completed projects.

Military medals of all kinds, including both decorations and service medals, are themselves intriguing pieces of art. Most of these awards have been crafted by renowned artists, including Francis Millet and James Earl Fraser. Ribbon bars and colored medal fabric are coded to convey information about the award or serviceman’s rank, but these designs make them compelling pieces to observe. Mounting them in a shadowbox display is an aesthetically pleasing way to showcase your military service to others.

When you’re looking decorative displays for your military medals, call Olival’s Custom Woodworking. Trust the same name that the military trusts for their shadowbox awards. My experience in crafting heirloom pieces allows me to create treasured works that multiple generations can enjoy.