The Enduring Legacy of Staff Sergeant Edward A. Carter

In March 1945, an American infantry company was inching its way toward the German city of Speyer.  Its objective was to take control of the city and some of the strategically located bridges around the region. As the tanks rolled towards Speyer, they were met with some heavy anti-armor and small arms fire coming from a warehouse held down by the Germans.

One man, Staff Sergeant Edward A. Carter, volunteered to lead a group of four soldiers towards the warehouse to assault the Germans.  After two fellow servicemen were killed and the last seriously wounded, Carter himself suffered multiple gunshot and shrapnel wounds to his limbs while taking out a mortar team and a few machine gun crews.  After lying still for two hours, bleeding profusely, a group of eight German soldiers approached Carter to confirm he died.  Instead, Carter shot six of them with a submachine gun and took the other two prisoner, obtaining important information about the enemy’s position and returning to his comrades.

At Olival’s Custom Woodworking, we have a great sense of pride serving many of the veterans who have served us.  We want to build commemorative shadow boxes that have a truly beautiful appearance to show off the military records of servicemen who almost gave their lives in the ultimate sacrifice. We are very honored to include Staff Sergeant Carter among those we’ve served.

The story of Staff Sergeant Carter is one that is still being uncovered and told, thanks to the efforts of his surviving family. A book written by Carter’s daughter-in-law discusses his heroic deeds and the struggle to get the U.S. government to recognize his bravery in the face of their distrust of the man (Carter spent time in China and served in a volunteer unit in the Spanish Civil War, both of which drew suspicion of subversive activities).

In 1997, Carter was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor by President Clinton for his heroic actions in 1945. For the awards ceremony conducted in the Pentagon, the Department of the Army commissioned Mark Olival to build an award case for all of the medals he was finally awarded. This award case is featured on this web site under celebrity boxes, along with other special orders from the Army, like the box for James Aurness (Marshal Matt Dillon-Gunsmoke).

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