Special Order "Be All You Can Be" Engraved at the topSpecial Order - Laser Engraved and Cut from Wood.

Military Plaques

Laser Cut Military Seal Customized with Your Name Plaques are custom made for each of the five services and can be personalized with a name. Hanger on back to mount on wall.

Plaques are 10" round.  The three rings are mounted separately at different heights to give it a three dimensional effect. 

Standard Plaques (United  States on top) are $50 each. 

Customized Plaques (Name on top) are $65 each.

These are a great gift idea for a retired or active duty service member. Note:  For an active duty member we will leave off the word "Veteran"

Place your order by calling Mark toll free: 800-650-9865 or send him an E-Mail: Olivalm@aol.com

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