Laser Engraving Plates

State-of-the-art Laser Engraving.  High quality engraving on Brass and Aluminum plates.



To place an engraving order, please fill the form below out and click submit.  Once you have placed an engraving order we will e-mail a proof of the engraving and an invoice to you so you can review it for any corrections or changes.  After the proof is approved we will call for a credit card number.  No engraving will be done without the customer’s approval after formatting by the engraver.  Your engraving will be mailed directly to your address within one or two days from receipt of order.  If you have a question while ordering on size, color or formatting call Mark at 703-221-2713.  All the engraved examples below are shown with an optional contrasting back plate.  IMPORTANT: The back plate will be 1/4" larger in width and height than the size of the plate ordered to give it the 1/8" overall border so take this into consideration when sizing the ENGRAVED plate.

You will be asked to choose a plate # In the form below, this is whats currently available :



The majority of the engraved plates mounted on the shadow box examples throughout the site are usually sized at 2” x 4” on the color brass you choose with a 2 ¼” x 4 ¼” back plate the same color as the letters to give the 1/8” frame effect. This allows the engraving to stand out on any color background its mounted on. The Plates shown above, except for MET 501 and 502, are all shown with the OPTIONAL back plate.

Cost of the brass is .30 per square inch and the letters are .24 each. A typical 2x4 plate with back plate cost $5.25. If you add 100 letters the total would be $29.25. Each order will be priced accordingly and done immediately to ship with your shadowbox order. There will be a $5.00 handling and shipping charge for engravings ordered without a shadow box.


Default Font will be Times New Roman unless otherwise stated in the comment box below. Size will be determined by the engraver to coincide with the size of your plate. Plates will be typeset exactly as worded and a PROOF will be sent to you for review.


Type the characters you see in the picture above.